Two more full weeks of shopping, how are you feeling? John and I braved the crowds on Sunday to do some East coast to West coast shopping as all of our things need to be sent by Thursday of this week, so that made this Sunday instrumental to keeping on top of it. We got things for nieces and nephews, Moms and Dads, sisters and brothers.  Followed up by a delicious meal for a day of “hard work”. Even John said “when you do it this early, it’s so much more enjoyable”.

PS. The wallet was featured in Daily Candy today on their national gift guide so we sent many of those off to their new homes. If you are interested in ordering one of these, I would do it sooner rather than later as they seem to be the Cabbage Patch Doll for stylish women of 2009.


For all those Francophiles in your life (by way of Japan in this case). This is a lovely little book complete with step by step instructions to crafting these lovely desserts when you can’t make it to LaDuree.

A beautiful ring by Katie Finn. This is modeled after a horse bit with a grey diamond in the center. It appeals to all I love: horses, gold and diamonds (that’s not really all I love, but that was fun to type). Need I say more?

I love Randi who makes this, and I particulary love this necklace. It is magical and wonderful and it is called Ancient Tongues which makes it even better. Like the most gorgeous spine wrapped around your neck. It’s a good one for a good girl.

If the coolest girl went to camp and was forced to make something, this would be it. Not everyone could come up with something so beautifully simple and interesting. But Lauren Manoogian did. Lucky for us.

Wow. All I can say about this piece is wow. It is glorious and sexy and tribal and all of the above. So I guess I actually have a lot more to say about it. But seriously, wow.

One last idea. An adored customer, Melissa Kushner,  started this wonderful organization called Goods for Good. It is based on the simple idea that we have the ability to turn excess into progress. The organization receives donations of surplus goods from companies, coordinates shipments to Africa and puts them in the hands of schools and community centers. Just the smallest item can make a difference. A pen in the hand of a school child can make the difference between going to class or not. A new meaning for the word bauble. Please give to them, it truly makes a difference

More to come next week. Have a fun one.

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