Japan, Maggie Bracelets and more press.

Lately we’ve been fortunate to be getting press from people that really understand and appreciate what we are trying to do over here at C&P.
We are greatly committed to our intention of bringing beauty to the world and making the experience as pleasurable and memorable as possible, because, after all, shopping does have the ability to make people happy, inspired and curious.  And, although we know that retail therapy won’t solve world events we will be donating 10% of the Maggie Bracelet sales to Japan for the month.  Maggie’s Mother and Father (my Grand-Parents) lived in Japan for quite some time and I’ve held Japan close to my heart since I was a little girl (for some time I only wanted to be addressed as Tomoko, ate with chopsticks and wore kimonos!) so this seemed like a logical way to show our support. And, with the way that the Maggie Bracelets are selling currently (graduation gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, wedding party gifts) we hope to donate an amount that makes a difference in someone’s life.
And, here’s the piece that Elizabeth Schofield wrote about her experience here at C&P that so succinctly describes shopping at it’s best. Thanks, Elizabeth!
PS. Upon reading Elizabeth’s great article we asked her to grace the Ladies section of our blog, which she happily agreed to. We’ll have her post up in the next month and you can get a chance to see what interests and inspires her. Good stuff.

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