In the summer of 2011, photographer and dear friend Takahiro Kaneyama ventured to the distant shores of northeastern Japan to visit and photograph Mt. Osore. Literally translated as “Mount Fear,” this active volcano is one of the holiest destinations in all of Japan, believed to be the final passageway as one journeys to hell. This spiritual site often attracts visitors to console and remember the many lost souls. It is believed by some that here you will be able to spiritually connect with lost ancestors. A visitor himself, Taka was able to capture the essence of both fearful and tranquil elements of this holy land through his gift of photography.

Taka’s hauntingly beautiful images are currently being featured in an exhibit at Miyako Yoshinaga art prospects entitled Shades of the Departed. So many thought-provoking themes and ideas are addressed throughout this series of images, yet their understated manner still provides a pure beauty that we may not necessarily expect alongside a representation of the underworld. Truly magnificent! The photographs perfectly combine darkness with inspiration, despair with reflection, and life with death.

The exhibit will run through April 21 and I highly recommend taking your own journey to these riveting landscapes of Japan through images, which delicately yet powerfully evoke emotions of all sorts. Taka’s talent is spectacular and this is absolutely a show worth seeing! Perhaps I should add Mt. Osore to the list for my next Japanese adventures…

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  1. Taka Says:

    Arigato very much for posting this, Kerrilynn!

    You sure you want to go to Mt.Osore? It takes over 6 hours to get there from Tokyo. BUT you can have the best fish you’ll ever eat there!

  2. kimille Says:

    these are sublime…..

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