Ladies of Castor & Pollux: Couldn’t Help Myself…

I know he’s my husband, but I just saw this contact sheet of a sampling of the Ladies of C&P and was stunned at how beautiful they are all together. Damn these are some pretty girls. We have many more Ladies to come – someday they’ll all be contained in a beautiful book – can’t wait for that project!

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2 Responses to “Ladies of Castor & Pollux: Couldn’t Help Myself…”

  1. Victoria Says:


    The word that keeps coming to mind is graceful. Everyone looks so graceful, yet mischievous at the same time. I can’t wait for the book.


  2. laurel Says:

    you two are y favorite people in al of new york city, all of new york state, all of the united states of america, and POSSIBLY all of the world!

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