See: Lily, my love

Last year I received the best birthday gift from my dear friend, Louise. We both share a deep love for animals, to the point of emailing or texting each other pretty much every day when a particularly cute dog pops up on Animal Haven, so upon  receiving a package in the mail letting me know that I was the full sponsor of Lily, a beautiful PMU offspring horse, I had a feeling that Louise had something to do with it.

Luckily last month John and I were finally able to make a visit to meet Lily and her Mom, Jill, along with the many other characters that live on the farm with Susan and Karen Wagner in Chatham, New York. Susan and Karen have dedicated their lives to making these animals days better and it shows in everything they do at Equine Advocates. They generously shared the evening with us, telling us the stories of each and every one of the horses – how they got there, where they were headed before they intervened and the importance and need for more education, space and money to allow them to keep helping the animals. Compassion and generosity radiated from them and I felt incredibly honored to share time there. If you get a chance to visit any sort of animal sanctuary, please do, the animals have a lot to share and you’ll feel like a better person after spending time amongst them. It really is magical.

My gorgeous girl, Lily.

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