See: Portland Art Museum

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

I was lucky enough to make a quick trip to Portland, Oregon (where I grew up) this past weekend to visit my family. Although it was a short trip, John and I made the most of it. We flew out Friday and immediately headed to James Beard Rising Star award winner Gabe Rucker’sLittle Bird“–the sister restaurant to “Le Pigeon“–where we ordered brussels sprouts, french fries, steak tartare and a gorgeous artichoke soup. Sitting at the bar drinking red wine and a smoked orange bourbon cocktail(!) we imagined ourselves living in Portland–everyone plays this game when they travel, right?

Post-lunch we grabbed a quick coffee at Barista and then headed to the Portland Art Museum for a quick but beautiful hour of art. I hadn’t been in years and we both were incredibly impressed. Sometimes Portland surprises you like that. You think it will be pretty good but it wildly exceeds your expectations. The museum’s collection is spectacular. It isn’t overwhelming like the Met, where you feel like you’ll never see it all and race through the museum.  The quality of painting is extraordinary and it is always a privilege to see art in person. Their collection of Color Field painters is beautiful and there is an Arshile Gorky still life that I could barely tear myself away from. In the downstairs space they had an exhibition similar to StoryCorps: you make an appointment and talk at length about an object you love and cherish and it is held in their archives for others to hear and enjoy. My whole world is oriented around considering objects and the memories surrounding them so I love this idea.

Jules Olitski, Noble Regard (detail), 1989

Friedel Dzubas, Found (detail), 1972

Chris Burden’s “Ghost Ship” fills the sculpture court with the rudders and sails moving and unfurling periodically giving you the feeling that you’re out at sea with them. Really, really beautiful. There is more to come about our visit west and we’ll keep you posted. I didn’t even mention the show of Ed Ruscha’s recent work!

Chris Burden, Ghost Ships, 1991



See: Urs Fischer “Coming to the Table” at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

Monday, November 7th, 2011

We promised you five posts last week and I’m happy to say that we delivered! All days of the senses were covered: see, touch, listen, smell and taste, and it was fantastic fun to write up the posts and hear what you thought of them.

Today’s “SEE” post takes us down the street to Gavin Brown’s Enterprise where the super energetic and slightly disorienting show of Urs Fischer is up until November 12th. His last show in the gallery, Such a k-hole, in which he dug a 38 by 30 foot hole that you could make your way around, created a bit of an Alice in Wonderland effect on Leroy Street. I wasn’t able to see that show but this time I did get to see his newest work, Coming to the Table, in which hundreds of tables have been shellacked with pictures of puppies to porn to flowers to small animals.  It’s an overwhelming show given the scale – there are literally tables piled on top of others and they completely fill the space. The concept stems from his interest in how we engage with the table as object and what an important piece it is in our lives. Everything can take place on it as he states:  “the stage on which we act . . . The small personal universe over which we talk, eat, plan our future, pay our bills and raise our children.”  I love this idea; of taking something mundane and utilitarian and recreating it into a super ambitious art piece.  I hope you get a chance to swing by the gallery and check it out yourselves.

Think this dog is friend’s with Beba?



Friday, April 30th, 2010

Images from Pete Dungey

I learned about this from my friend Nina at Haus Interior. It definitely brought a smile to my face this morning. As my Grandmother would have said: “Aren’t some people so clever?” I love this idea and hope it makes it’s way to New York  – I know just the spot for it as well – Brooklyn Bridge entrance, anyone?

Have a great weekend!