Monday, June 13th, 2011

We, like mostly everyone else in the fashion universe, read Refinery29 pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty religiously. So we were really really really excited when their editors asked Kerrilynn if they could feature her and John’s sunlit, treasure-packed Prospect Heights apartment in the “My Style” section of their site. They were sooo psyched to join the ranks of the other swoon-inducing homes and workspaces that have been featured in the section recently, including those of Opening Ceremony buyer Kate Foley and Gap Director of Concept Jane Herman. The shoot involved  homemade gluten-free macaroons, our favorite Risto sweater (available at C & P, doye), and a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing over Otto and Beba, possibly the cutest and most-loved dogs in New York City. Some of my favorite shots from the slideshow – the ones that showcase the dogs at their best! – are below. Many thanks to Refinery29 writer Kristian Laliberte for his kind words and photographer Nick Wolf for the gorgeous photos!

I love this photo of Kerrilynn and John’s hallway because I feel like it’s a microcosm of the Castor & Pollux aesthetic – a group of really beautiful, seemingly disparate elements arranged in a simultaneously haphazard and intentional way, with a result that totally sings.

The cookbook wall. Can you see why we started Recipe Friday? This woman is on a mission, people! Beba is also on a mission to be the sassiest dog in the world. She is succeeding.

I know this picture was already on, like, nine million Twitters, but in our book, there is no thing as too much Otto. This shot shows Kerrilynn sporting some other C & P obsessions – our Maggie bracelets and the tactile Dream Collective cuffs. You will not want to wear any other jewelry this summer, we promise.

I love the colors in this vignette. On the right, we have a memorial to Diablo – the dog who was so beautiful he developed neuroses due to the amount of people who would stop him on the street to exclaim over his arresting good looks. Leather samples for the Castor & Pollux handbag are front and center. Get psyched for the bag’s arrival this fall.

Paper & String & Castor & Pollux!

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

So many ampersands, so little time! We wanted to thank our neighbors at Paper & String for the lovely shout-out that they gave us a few weeks back. Their intrepid reporter Whitney Port (yes, Whitney Port!!!) very kindly declared her adoration for our Gary Graham duds and Castor & Pollux Maggie bracelets, among other things. We like that she is obsessed with all of our favorite West Village snack spots, too – we have a pretty bad One Lucky Duck habit here at the store and have been known to finish their Cacao Latte in seconds. SECONDS!!!

Big ups to Paper & String for its support of independent retailers and neighborhood businesses in NYC. Viva la West Village!

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