Touch: The Castor & Pollux Holiday Dress Guide

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Today’s “Touch” segment is about softness, ease and elegance. While everybody is busy running around doing this and that this week, the last thing you are going to want to think about is what to wear to those holiday parties, so we came up with a couple of suggestions. Don’t judge us for being partial to the dress.

This first beauty is from our favorite Macedonian, Risto Bimbiloski. He has taken Bambi to a whole new level with this magnified deer print dress.

Our second selection is created by the Swedish design house, Acne. This dress is light, elegant and sexy. Its deep wine color is holiday appropriate and the slit in the back shows just enough skin to make it sexy in a refined way. Dress it up with some super sheer stockings or down with some opaque.

“Ciao, Sophia Loren!” when you walk by in this modern silk twill take on the classic hour-glass shape. It’s pure elegance paired with some va-va-voom.

Check out this playful silk crepe dress from Risto. It looks beautiful paired with some golden accessories. What’s more, it can be worn straight into Spring. What’s not to love?

Another little number from Acne. This piece of architecture combines a one-off shoulder, an open back with an inviting slit. When you try it on, you’ll make everyone blush!

Everyone should be wearing this electric blue dress from Cardona Bonache on New Year’s Eve.

A certain LBD from Italian HACHE. Perfect for our favorite minimalist, who doesn’t want to distract from her new necklace.

We have a few other suggestions, but you’ll have to stop by the store to see them! Or email your personal shopper at shopper@castorandpolluxstore.com. Cheers!

Touch: In the Woods with Gary Graham

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

In today’s “Touch” segment of Loving’s Five Senses, we introduce the magical Gary Graham, who has enthralled us with his pagan grid embroideries and rustic shepherd knits. With a background in costume and textile design, Gary Graham masters beauty in dichotomy, pitting light against dark and pairing rustic patterns with refined drapes.

Known for his cerebral backstories and research-heavy inspirations, Graham’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection draws us into a faraway world of heros and faeries; channeling an ancient mythological vibe portrayed in Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” or Gunnlaugr’s Sagas. Pull on the maroon & sand Knit Drape Cardigan and transport yourself to a misty winter wood, bow & arrow in hand. Pair the Grey Wool Grid Embroidery Cape with a quartz necklace and you will be ready for your sorcerer’s wand.

The shepherd dress, the perfect fireplace companion.

The Knit Drape Cardigan is pure craftsmanship.


Saturday, April 17th, 2010


Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

This will be here next week – perfect for summer.

This blazer is here now (I’m already wearing mine!)

This was here last week and is gone already.

These pieces are divine – come by and take a peek!


Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Risto always creates beautiful, interesting things – but for Fall 10 it seems he outdid himself. I only wish you could tell how magical these are from my photos as they certainly don’t do  him justice. We’re receiving his Spring shipment in the next couple weeks and that’s exquisite too.



Monday, November 23rd, 2009

I’m one of those people who thoroughly enjoys buying gifts for friends, but I am fully aware that there are many of you out there who don’t feel this way. I’ve seen you come in over the years (on the 24th of December!) looking for something that suits your friend but not really knowing what to get, how much to spend and running out of time.  This is when the best of intentions can turn into a stressful experience and it just shouldn’t be this way.  So in hopes of making this holiday season easier we have created a weekly gift guide that covers all price ranges, styles and sentiments. For the next five Mondays (November 23- December 21) we will be giving you our thoughts and ideas on gifts. Most of these will come from the world of C&P but we might even throw in some things that are particularly special when we find them. So have fun with it this year; throw out those negative thoughts and replace them by really thinking about what your loved one would like and I promise it will bring you joy as well. I believe that finding the right gift for someone will make you feel like you received a gift yourself. Happy holidays!


These are the perfect mittens to get you through the upcoming cold months. Designed by Filippa K from Sweden these not only look great but will keep you warm all winter long. Only a Swede could come up with something so beautiful and utilitarian for our winter needs. Beautiful claystone lambskin outer lined with shearling.

A beautiful scarf to add to your winter coat. Channeling the best of the 70’s this rust wool scarf will have you cozy and warm all while looking stylish.

I have this sweater (in brown and cream) and can’t seem to stop wearing it. The perfect cardigan in cozy mohair and lambswool makes any outfit better. Great belted as well, this is a gift that will be loved for years to come.

Another beautiful scarf. A bit more romantic than 70’s, this one will be great for a friend or your Mom. Soft wool with beautiful paisley pattern makes it a classic.

See you next week with more ideas to come. Have a great Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Tucker trunk show at C&P tomorrow night! Gaby Basora, designer of Tucker, will be in-store from 5-8 showing pieces that she created just for us. New fabrics that you’ve never seen before in all the lovely shapes that you know and love.  She’s got quite the following so get here early and plan on leaving with some lovely new dresses for yourself!

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