Listen: Genius

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

For today’s “Listen” segment in Loving’s Five Senses, we want to share our Rainy Day playlist with you.

The theme here is Genius. We pay a moment’s tribute to the musical magicians that make us sway and swoon.

Leonard Cohen‘s “So Long Marianne”

Kanye West‘s “Runaway”

Jacqueline du Pre playing Max Bruch’s Kol nidrei

What’s on your rainy day playlist? Stay Dry and Enjoy!

Listen: Shake it out!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Today’s “Listen” segment of Loving’s Five Senses covers songs by Florence + the Machine from the album “Ceremonials.”

Reminiscent of  an intoxicating concoction of Wagner’s opera “Tristan and Isolde” and U2’s “The Joshua Tree”, this masterpiece is not for the fainthearted. BIG themes are covered here: sex, death, love, and violence all shake the ground that Ms. Welch walks on with her graceful gait.

In the video “Shake it Out” Flo conjures up utter decadence with painted fingernails, gaudy jewelry, black velvet, and blood-red chiffon. From the menacing and violent third refrain, we follow her in epileptic twirls as she ultimately makes peace with heartbreak by climbing a tree, all while dressed in a billowing white dress fit for Stevie Nicks.

“What the Water Gave Me” is inspired by the suicide of Virginia Woolf and death by drowning, an Ophelia-theme that re-emerges throughout the album.

These and many other motifs are timeless and deeply human. And because of this, there is no doubt that this music will be part of the human story in 200 years’ time. Join the historical movement! Shake it out!

Pre-Raphaelite Beauty with some Studio 54 sequence.

Will you be my Silver Spring?


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