Molly McCommons

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Today brings you Molly McCommons, the charming front desk lady/blogger at Seagull Hair next door. We always feel lucky to be surrounded by such interesting, inspiring and genetically blessed Ladies here on West 10th and Molly adds to our roster of Ladies from the block (Louise and Laura).  In addition to coming to work everyday in one of the prettiest neighborhoods in the country we get the chance to hang out, talk, work and have a great time here on our little street and that makes every day a bit better.  So read below about Molly – and don’t forget to admire that photo – those lips, those nails, that hair – she’s got it going on!

The Ladies of Castor & Pollux – Lady No. 23 – Molly McCommons

Photo by John von Pamer

Favorite recipe?
Lazy roasted vegetables. Preheat the oven to 450°. Cut up a bunch of whatever vegetables you like or have on hand: Red peppers, squash and asparagus for summer; root vegetables, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes for winter. Onions or shallots always. Toss the vegetables in olive oil til they are all coated and sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper and rosemary. Spread them out on a pan and leave them in the oven for about half an hour, or until they look nice and caramelized.

Last great book you read?
by Nancy Milford; Random Family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc.

Summer drink of choice?
Coconut water blended with ice and melon.

Your animals – names and breeds?
I have no pets, so I take solace in my co-worker’s dogs when they hang out at the salon. They are a blonde French bulldog named Pearl and a white boxer named Jacques.

Do you exercise? What do you do, if so?
Bike riding.

Salty or sweet?
Salty and greasy with a sugar chaser.

Who inspires you and why?
My mom is my constant inspiration. I just saw her perform as Eleanor of Acquitaine in The Lion in Winter and she killed it. She nailed every nuance of being a sultry, seething, scheming, king-mothering, insane yet lucid bitch of a certain age.

Beach or ocean?

Favorite city?

Last great vacation?

Favorite TV show?

Weirdest job you’ve ever had?

Favorite restaurant?
The National
, in Athens, Georgia.

Favorite object in your home?
A hefty smoky quartz geode that was my grandmother’s.

Favorite piece of clothing?
Anonymous faded black XX-large cutoff muscle shirt.

Favorite blog or website?
Nasty Nets Internet Surfing Club.

Something you’re scared of?
I’m too scared to discuss it.

Favorite record?
Lovers Live
by Sade.

Favorite pop song?
by TLC; “Bad Boy” by Jamie Principle.

Your ideal day?
Working on house music all day in a secret shanty/rave cave close to a beach beside a bioluminescent bay, taking breaks between breakthroughs to eat delicious snacks. Receiving wonderful news. Then having a dance party on the beach with all the pals.

Favorite gift you’ve ever received?
A sandwich.

Favorite flower?
Baby’s breath.

Favorite scent (perfume)?
Himalayan musk.

Astrological sign?

What do you do for a living?
I am the front desk lady/manager at Seagull Salon.

Where do you live?

Your lucky number?

What piece of art would you buy if you had absolutely no budget?
A giant Nolan Hendrickson painting or Paul Slocum’s Deep House for Symphonic Band and Choir.

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