See: Ratatouille

Monday, November 21st, 2011

I am crazy for beautifully artistic films, ones that provoke thought and elicit deep emotion and provide impeccable imagery to guide you through an adventurous journey. Stories of love and heartache, of travel, enlightenment, and finally attaining one’s dreams. Surely you’re expecting a recommendation for a masterful foreign or independent film right now…but what I have for you is even better. A movie that offers everything that I have previously mentioned…and more. Ratatouille. Yes, the animated and amazing 2007 flick about a French rat who has absolutely captured my heart. This picturesque Disney & Pixar creation portrays the most vivid description of French cuisine and a true appreciation of it.

I suggest curling up with this wildly feel-good movie this week. It’s sure to warm your heart.

See: I Am Love

Monday, October 31st, 2011

It’s been quite some time since we’ve posted anything, because our site is being redesigned, but that all changes TODAY! From here on out, we are posting everyday (except for holidays) and all posts will be inspired by our love and curiosity of the five senses – see, touch, listen, smell and taste.  The daily topics will give unique insight into gallery shows, movies, designers, music, skincare, perfume, recipes, dinner parties, etc. All the things that we love and cherish in our daily routines. Lookin’ forward to our new gorgeous site launch on November 16th, where we can properly share with you all that we find inspiring.

Today, The Five Senses series kicks off with “See”. This weekend’s snowstorm allowed me to curl up and watch “I Am Love (Io sono L’amore)”.  Believe it or not, I was keeping this movie for the perfect day. Do you ever do that, hoard something for the perfect moment, perfect party, perfect day, perfect whatever? I guess it’s the same idea as saving your fancy dishes for company or keeping your lovely new dress in the back of the closet for the perfect occasion, right? I’ve decided to stop this habit.

From here on out, I am going to use these special segments every day. Instead of waiting a year to see an absolutely exquisite film like “I Am Love”, I’m going to just jump in and watch it immediately. Embrace the present! Make every day special and beautiful. Which is in part what “I am Love” is about – the beauty that is presented in it is breathtaking – ranging from, interiors, clothing, food, history, family relations – simply all of it is inspiring and moving and brought me to tears on a few occasions. I highly recommend you watch it immediately, it will change the way you see things.

This sofa and dress and face tell you everything about the movie. Perfection.

The home plays as much of a role in the movie as the characters.

I haven’t eaten fish or meat in close to a year but this scene definitely made me miss it.

The whirlwind effect of when she meets her lover is portrayed in this overhead shot – literally the world is now spinning around her.

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