Smell: Paradise Found

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Today’s “Smell” segment in Loving’s Five Senses is dedicated to Nicolas Malleville, husband of Francesca Bonato, and his perfumery, COQUI COQUI, based out of Tulum on the luscious Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Legend has it that the Franciscan monks, who settled on the Yucatan Peninsula, picked and catalogued flowers, woods, and exotic herbs under the guidance of Mayan natives. The scientific, yet pious effort gave rise to the most original eau de colognes, emulsions and lotion formulas in the great Spanish Empire, delighting European and Latin American aristocrats for over 300 years.

However, the drawn-out Caste War of Yucatan (1847-1901) put an end to all perfume production and the tradition was lost until Argentine perfumer and hotelier, Nicolas Malleville, decided 12 years ago to embark on an expedition to the Yucatan. His objective was clear: to recover the monks’ lost formulas and fuse them together with the legacy of ancient Mayan medicine. Since then, Nicolas has established COQUI COQUI  Perfumes, based in the mystical and colonial town of Valladolid, Mexico. His fragrances include exotic local notes such as coco, orange blossom, tabaco, floplum, and vanilla.

The COQUI COQUI experience is pure nature. The integration of lush vegetation, fresh air, and turquoise water, provides the perfect formula to awaken the senses and restore the harmony between body, mind, and soul.

Monsieur Nicolas Malleville, hotelier and perfumer.

COQUI COQUI perfumes and bath oils can be found at Castor & Pollux

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