Friday, March 16th, 2012

How can I possibly describe the most perfectly comforting flavor combination I have ever experienced? There is a great chance that a worded description simply won’t do this masterpiece justice…but for everyone’s sake, I must try. After endless combinations of meatballs and sauces at Williamsburg’s The Meatball Shop, I was graced with the discovery of the greatest dessert/drink of all time. The Whiskey Float. Being from Kentucky, I am shocked to have never heard of such a thing, but let me tell you – my life has been forever changed. Though I come from a land which includes Bourbon in its most frequented dessert ingredients, I have never been much of a fan of combined liquor and sweets. I think my serious sweet tooth loves the decadent richness of sugary, chocolatey or creamy treats too much to taint them with the bitterness. But this dish has my mind absolutely changed.

Whiskey, Root Beer, Vanilla Liqueur, and homemade Vanilla Bean ice cream. All layered perfectly in a 1950s diner-esque, tall milkshake glass. Pure heaven. At first I wasn’t sure whether to use a straw or a spoon. So after a few spoonfuls, the ingredients began to melt perfectly together in the most straw-perfect consistency and by the last few sips the foamy marriage of whiskey and vanilla was indescribable.

I’m not sure what made it all so magical – the fact that I was sharing this meal with my family whom I had not seen in months, the long awaited feast after an exhausting day, or the perfect flavors of Kentucky – but whatever it was, I can solemnly swear I will never again venture back to the (measly in comparison) Root Beer Float. I plan on concocting this recipe myself in the hot summer months, though (don’t tell) I will be swapping the whiskey for good ole Kentucky bourbon! YOU MUST TRY THIS!


Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

So, I’ve never actually been to Le Pigeon which is a crime in my book but it’s not at the top of my family’s list of places to eat so I guess that explains it. BUT, next time I’m in the lovely city of Portland – John and I are heading there. They were just nominated for a James Beard award – which brings out my Portland pride in full force – CONGRATS! We’ll be there soon and I hope it lives up to the hype!


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