Touch: Either-Or

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Today’s “Touch” segment in Loving’s Five Senses examines Tini Bloom and her existential jewelry line, Etten-Eller.

Initially inspired by a friend’s grandfather, a watch repairman, who died an untimely death on his 96th birthday, Cristina Bloom designs pieces that expose vintage pocket watches’ inner mechanisms: etching, gems, gears, and hands – normally hidden from view. Subsequent seasons include diverse materials such as recycled vinyl, African phono-record beads, snake vertebrae, and metal springs. Every single object joins a unique history and life lesson with strong aesthetic appeal.

‘Tis so fitting that Tini should choose a collection name so similar to the title of Søren Kierkegaard’s existential masterpiece, “Enten-Eller” (ed. Danish for “Either-Or”), which explores the aesthetic and ethical stages of human existence by portraying two life views, one consciously hedonistic, and the other based on ethical duty and responsibility. The first part full of Don Juanism, skepticism, and the second part toned down and conciliating, ending with a sermon that is said to be quite excellent.

Etten-Eller speaks to Bloom’s relentless search for depth and meaning in all aspects of her life, inevitably manifesting itself her beautiful design.  Do you need more reasons to love her? We think not.

Beautiful beads.

A stack of golden bars.

An existential masterpiece.


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