Home sick and lacking enough energy to write up a post about our fantastic trip to Jamaica (more on that later) but thought I’d share some of my favorite food sites since it’s Friday. And we talk about food over here on the blog on Fridays in case you forgot. Here you go:

My New Roots – Beautiful healthy living blog written by a Canadian in Copenhagen. Fun to follow her adventures and her recipes are spot on.

LA in Bloom – Heather writes with ease about California life and all that it encompasses: dinner parties, the outdoors, home decor, travel, love and of course food. Makes me want to move to LA all the more.

Milk and Mode – I adore Carol’s merging of food and fashion. She writes about both with authority and curiosity, a perfect combination.

Roost – Haven’t made anything from this but do find the gluten free idyllic style of cooking inspiring. On my list of sites to cook from.

Sous Style – Sexy, girly and editorial driven. Pippa refers to it all as lady porn, and I couldn’t agree with her more. Great photos that move from fashion to food seamlessly. Makes cooking and food sultry and aspirational.

The Lovage - Found out about Tarajia’s blog through her profile in The New York Times and we have since become twitter friends (!). I love her writing about cooking, wine ( her family owns esteemed Morrell & Co.) and her two dogs. This girl grew up in a fantastic food and wine family and it seems the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

Bon Appetit – Couldn’t be happier with the redesign of Bon Appetit and the website is perfect as well. I was stranded in a hotel room last week and spent many, many hours perusing the site. I was not bored.

Crazy Sexy Life - Uplifting story about cancer survivor, Kris Carr, this site incorporates all the elements of creating a healthy life: spirituality, meditation, exercise, food choices, vitamins. Everything is covered here and I happen to totally LOVE Kris Carr, I’ve seen her speak a couple times and she walks her talk. Beyond inspiring and the reason behind my shift to being a vegan.

I move around from decadent food to monk food to comfort food to dinner party food. That’s the way it should be in my book, a bit of everything with a bit of balance. It’s taken me many, many years to understand how to accomplish the balance equation but I think I’ve finally started to make it work in my life and I have to say I like how it makes me feel.

What are some food blogs that I’m missing, I’d love to hear your thoughts and add them to my google reader. Have a great weekend!


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