Touch: In the Woods with Gary Graham

In today’s “Touch” segment of Loving’s Five Senses, we introduce the magical Gary Graham, who has enthralled us with his pagan grid embroideries and rustic shepherd knits. With a background in costume and textile design, Gary Graham masters beauty in dichotomy, pitting light against dark and pairing rustic patterns with refined drapes.

Known for his cerebral backstories and research-heavy inspirations, Graham’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection draws us into a faraway world of heros and faeries; channeling an ancient mythological vibe portrayed in Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” or Gunnlaugr’s Sagas. Pull on the maroon & sand Knit Drape Cardigan and transport yourself to a misty winter wood, bow & arrow in hand. Pair the Grey Wool Grid Embroidery Cape with a quartz necklace and you will be ready for your sorcerer’s wand.

The shepherd dress, the perfect fireplace companion.

The Knit Drape Cardigan is pure craftsmanship.

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