I worked with Joelle and Page years ago at Martha Stewart and always adored both of them. They had style in spades, were amazing at crafting and were  funny to boot. They have since opened the best knitting (and all sorts of other crafts) store to hit the island of Manhattan, Purl. It’s a place I love stopping by when I’m in Soho and am itching for a project to keep my hands busy. I popped in today and found the most gorgeous baby blanket inspired by the Hudson Bay Blankets (I have a couple people that I’d like to gift these to), some needlepoint canvases that could keep me going through the summer, and some sock projects that I’d like to wrap my head around (socks are still totally overwhelming to me). When you’re in the neighborhood, you should definitely stop by and get inspired, there’s lots to take in and always someone sure to help.


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