A glimpse into how my mind works. A grouping of seemingly disparate items that upon closer inspection all add up to a life well lived. This is a listing of the little (and big) things that make your days more enjoyable because I believe luxury without necessity is boring and necessity without luxury is even more boring. These items are what I like to think of this as my gracious living “mash-up.”


These two wrote the book on life well lived. An intriguing glimpse into their homes all from the comfort of your couch. A perfect gift for the fashion and home obsessed alike.

One of the best suggestions that I’ve ever taken from a friend many years ago when she told me I needed this in my life. I love you Miss Silvia. (Thank you, Ms. Weiss!)

By now the word is out about this magical wallet. But the fact is is that the rumors are true. It will change your life, it will make you more organized, it will bring beauty and functionaliy to your world. Enough said.

Fragrance is an obsession of mine and this is one of the classic products that should be in everyone’s bathroom. At $12 it’s a bargain but doesn’t smell that way.  (Stay tuned for more about the C&P fragrance that is in development right now.)

Rick was our neighbor but that’s not the reason for this entry. These make everything better. From Bloody Marys to marinating pork in the brine, you’ll be happy to have these in your fridge.

Any time it’s snowing I know where I’m going. Angel’s Share, a perfect Japanese bar in the East Village is great all the time but especially wonderful with snow falling outside. Just make sure you leave a seat at the bar for me, please.

See you next week, hope you have lovely one filled with lots of parties and fun.

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